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Check In #9 – Motivation and Sticky Situations

Dear Diary,

I’m sure you feel as if I have abandoned you. It’s been over a month of silence from me. My brain has been otherwise occupied as it wraps itself around this new life in a new city. I have to admit, I have been looking for my motivation for several weeks as I come up with one excuse after another to not devote time to writing to you. Then it hit me…that’s exactly what my clients do when they don’t commit to changing their diet. I HAD TO BREAK THE SILENCE!

Although I have not been writing to you, I have not lost ALL sight of my health and wellness. Over the summer, I injured my back the day before a 3-day cross country drive. Needless to say, after I returned to California, shooting pain continued to hamper my physical activity. I started seeing a wonderful physical therapist to help get my body back to the point of being able to exercise without pain. The first couple of weeks were PURE TORTURE as she began to release some of the adhesions that were preventing me from moving in the proper way.

So many events in our lives cause our body to begin to function in a very dysfunctional way. Stressful events, surgeries, and injuries all “stick” with us and cause issues until we find a way to get “unstuck.” It’s not our bodies fault, all it’s trying to do is find the path of least resistance. First it’s just a little shoulder slump, then your hips rotate a weird way…then BAM…you’re all jacked up! As my therapist commences to “un-stick” my body weekly, I have realized that my brain is following my bodies lead.

Happy Healthy Halloween! #diaryofadietitian

Happy Healthy Halloween! #diaryofadietitian

The pain of exercise was one factor, but mental motivation to get back into the routine of physical activity is a whole nother thang! Ease off spellcheck, I can pull out some slang if I want to. It’s all about making that first step. A little walk, some stretching…realizing how good it feels and all of sudden you have found your motivation again. Suddenly, you are also making better choices when it comes to eating as well. Yes, getting rid of being all stuck together in one way or another is truly the key to opening the door of progress.

I’m planning to kick off November with a whole new positive outlook on taking care of my body and mind. My happy carrot pumpkin creation for my sons after-school program is a good reminder of how to balance healthy eating in the midst of tons of unhealthy choices. Cheers to a Happy Healthy Halloween!

Goal Reality Grade Change Needed for Next Week
Sleep 8 hours Getting 7-8 hours of zzz’s every night A Still on track
Eat Breakfast & No Night Snacking Add back protein at the first meal (now a late breakfast). Throw out the tortilla chips! B Haven’t made egg muffins in a very long time. Make them ASAP!
Exercise Walking 3 times a week has been restarted. Get to the gym in my new city. B No more Rose Bowl…hello lagoon loop and the gym.
Write Down What I Eat I figure out my calorie intake in my head throughout the day so for me, writing down is not as key as it is for others N/A Nope, can’t do it. I do recommend to others though.
Weigh Weekly Restarted weekly weigh in and new start weight established B Down to 8 lbs to lose from my original 10 lb weight loss goal
Get & Give Support After a bout with depression and a couple of months of no diary entries…it’s time to up this area and find new sources to give and get support C Get a friend to walk with me at least 1 day per week. Start blogging weekly again.
Stress Management I still need yoga in my life but I have added physical therapy and massage which is helping to manage stress. B- Got back to the gym yesterday for a spin on the elliptical and Monday PiYo here I come…


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