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Check In #7 – Flex Your Muscles

Dear Diary,

I officially ditched the “weekly” part of my check-in title. I couldn’t handle the added pressure that “weekly” implied, although, I am hopeful that I will return to blogging weekly. In a magical world, where time does not exist, children do as they are asked, healthy food cooks itself, and exhaustion does not prevail; that’s the world that I could blog in on a weekly basis…heck, daily might even be possible! Fingers crossed on the magical world thing. Once again, Diary, I digress.

Last time I checked in (my version of a gut check, literally and figuratively) I wrote about leaning into the chaos of life and not being afraid to prioritize myself when crisis hits. The more you do something, the easier it gets. It becomes woven into your being if you stick with something long enough and starts to feel like second nature. Take starting a new job, for example. The first couple of weeks are filled with anxiety, frustration, and fear. But slowly you get to know your co-workers names, you locate the secret pen stash, and you no longer have to write down every new password you are required to use, for each different system and application (why, oh why, do I have to use a capital letter AND a symbol AND a number). Oh yeah…thanks Sony.

As I continue to become more comfortable with following a 5:2 Intermittent Day Eating plan, I have more lessons to share. Is it possible that an eating plan can also have benefits in other areas of your life? Me thinks it does.

Lesson #4: Denying oneself is difficult and indulgence is tempting. The balance between the two is about as easy as a grown woman teeter-tottering with her 3 year old. It’s awkward and forced, yielding little pleasure on either end. The key is to find the right balance and knowing whether to bail out or stick with it.

Lesson #5: Each time you strike the right balance, you flex your discipline muscle a little bit more. You find that sweet spot where it feels just right. Someone says, “Oh, just eat it, it’s soooo good…you only live once you know.” And here we are at the crossroad. Here is where you make your choice to either flex your muscle and build it or allow it to atrophy like a deflating balloon. Two paths in the woods…do I take the one less traveled? YES. Tomorrow I eat normal. I can do anything for a day…it’s just one day. Flex that muscle, just like Popeye when he sees Olive Oyl. 

Lesson #6: Hunger is temporary. The first couple of weeks of eating (attempting) 500 calories or less, two days a week proved to be difficult for two main reasons; hunger and feeling light-headed. My body was used to me eating often, which unfortunately was causing too many calories to stack up by the end of the day. After 5 weeks though, I no longer get those aggressive hunger pangs and a few slugs of chia seed water keeps me chugging along. Nice, deep breaths and keeping busy certainly don’t hurt either.

Finding balance, and using discipline within my diet, has also helped me to find both in other aspects of my life. Just like with eating though, it’s something you have to tackle one day at a time and keep learning from the journey instead of just focusing on the destination.

Goal Reality Grade Change Needed for Next Week
Sleep 8 hours Getting 7-8 hours of zzz’s every night A Schedule is back to normal and sleep is back on track
Eat Breakfast & No Night Snacking My two 500 calorie days per wk are on track. I am over on my “normal” calorie level on weekends which is slowing weight loss B Make some egg muffins on Sunday and scale back on my calories on the weekends
Exercise Still need to commit to a local 10K race and get back into consistent 3 days a week at the gym B Back to the gym for cardio and walking at the Rose Bowl. Just sign up for the damn race already!
Write Down What I Eat I figure out my calorie intake in my head throughout the day so for me, writing down is not as key as it is for others N/A Nope, can’t do it. I do recommend to others though.
Weigh Weekly Maintaining my loss of 2.3 lbs but no further loss. B Weekend eating (and drinking) = too high of a calorie intake on my “normal” calorie intake days…planning to scale it back
Get & Give Support Received an email from someone in the UK that is researching Intermittent Day Fasting and she is following my blog as well as provided me with a link to a research article…wow, someone reads it? A My next blog post is already in the works that will include 3 different sources I have been researching on Intermittent Day Eating…stay tuned!
Stress Management I NEED YOGA IN MY LIFE! It is so good, for so many reasons. Oh, and I have been snapping a bit lately at people…always a sure sign I need improved stress management. C The gym does not have classes that fit in my schedule so I need to bite the bullet and fork over some cash. Goal is to sign up in the next 7 days…


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