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Weekly Check In #1 – Getting Started

Dear Diary,

Getting started is definitely half the battle. After taking a 2 1/2 day Weight Management Certification course in Newport Beach last November, I have been thinking a lot about how the average person is successful at losing weight, keeping it off and improving health. What are the secrets to success and how can I pass these secrets along through my blog?

I have a goal of losing 10 pounds over the next 5 months. BAM! Feels good to get that out there…I gave you the good with the recipes and now you get the bad and the ugly. Having a couple of kids, turning 29 (okay, 40), and having a deep love for chips somehow added 10lbs in the blink of my eye. I believe I may have gotten a bit off track…

Oh yes, what better way to show people how to journey towards their goal than to live it myself and blog about what is working and not working for me along the way? I would be remiss if I did not say that this blog is already a huge motivation for me to live a healthier life. You get more than you give.

So, here’s the plan…each week I will grade myself on what I am getting right and what I need to work on in each area of my six not-so-secret “secrets” to losing weight. Once I meet my goal, I will continue to pass along tips on the even more difficult task of keeping the weight off…FOREVER!

Goal Reality Grade Change Needed for Next Week
Sleep 8 hours Average 7 hours each night…maybe 6 hours some nights B- Sleep 8 hours at least 3 nights a week…I have to be realistic here
Eat breakfast & no night snacking Eating breakfast daily but snacking at night is where I lost my way… B+ Continue making egg muffins every Monday and no snacking after 7:30 pm unless it’s fruit or veggies
Exercise Only hit the gym 1 time in the last 7 days for 50 minutes of cardio C Get back to my usual routine of 3 days a week minimum at the gym & walk the Rose Bowl (3.2 miles) with Jennifer
Write down what I eat Um, nope…not doing that D Write down a minimum of 2 days next week of everything I eat and drink
Weigh weekly Thursday A.M. = -0.3lbs B+ Happy with any weight loss but my goal is 0.5lb loss each week
Get & give Support Started Blogging Weekly, Got Friends Involved, Co-workers tried my Chia Seed water! A+ The more I talk with friends and family about weight loss and eating healthier, the more I am motivated to practice what I preach…little pat on the back