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Be Kind to Yourself in 2016

Dear Diary,

Oh what a year 2015 was! As I sit here, on the first day of 2016, it is easy to think about all the things I did not accomplish in 2015. I decided to challenge myself and reflect on only the POSITIVE aspects of 2015. What do I want to move forward with and continue in 2016? What am I proud of? What do I want to remember and build on as I move into a new year?

Inspiration is everywhere if you are open to it. Inspiration for this diary entry came to me via a FaceBook post from Hands Free Revolution. I plan to read this in the future as a reminder of how “to be” in the moment rather than focus on the “to do.” I am on a constant quest of learning “to be” in the moment…my quest continues with the aid of many key people. Strangely enough, some of those key people I will only know through their insightful words online.

What’s standing in your way of living the life you’ve been wanting to live?

You might think it is those extra pounds
Or your temper
Or poor financial choices
Or inability to get organized
Or lack of discipline
Or some other fill-in-the-blank issue.

And each time a new year rolls around, you find yourself here—looking at yourself with critical eyes because, yet again, you are not the person you aspire to be.

Before you hop on the self-improvement bandwagon of 2016, I encourage you to sit with yourself for a moment and marvel.

For the past 365 days,
You worked
You tried
You loved

For the past 356 days,
You watched
You listened
You cheered
With every fiber in your body.

For the past 365 days,
You encouraged
You supported
You upheld
Without fail.

For the past 365 days,
You forgave
You sacrificed
You fixed
In ways no one else could.

For the past 365 days,
You cuddled
You tucked
You understood
Even when you didn’t think you had it in you.

For the past 365 days, you put one foot in front of the other despite that list of personal shortcomings and poor choices that surfaces year after year.

On this first day of 2016, I encourage you to look past that list and see yourself with kind, loving eyes. Your everyday triumphs simply cannot be overlooked. Not today. No, not today.

And if you must set a self-improvement goal for the year ahead, please consider something small, doable, and untrendy.

Don’t get so lofty, so demanding, and so unreasonable that your goal to become a “better” version of you is merely an obstacle in seeing all that you already are.

My mental list of personal shortcomings is long. I resolve to create a list of triumphs for 2015 that is longer. Topping the list would be creating my blog and committing to sharing my insights, challenges, and information as a Registered Dietitian. On February 18, 2015 I wrote my first blog post, entered the worlds of Facebook and Twitter, and began my journey as a writer. I also left my long time job as a Renal Dietitian, took a cross country trip, moved to a new community, and began working towards my dream job as a consulting RD in the world of weight management.

Being kind to myself is my greatest challenge but it’s one I want to focus on in 2016. Good enough, has never been good enough for me. I am a seeker of doing things “better” than I, or anyone, has done before. I’m not sure if it’s a small goal but it is doable and not trendy.

2016 Diary of a Dietitian Goal

2016 Diary of a Dietitian Goal


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