Kamara ViauI am a Southern California transplant of 13 years with Michigan roots that run very deep. I am a mom of 2 amazing and very active boys with equally amazing husband. I am a cheerleader of nutrition for dialysis patients. I am an advocate for physical, as well as mental, health and wellness in whatever package it comes in for each individual person.

As for my education and background goes, I have been a Registered Dietitian for 17 years. I have a certification from the American Dietetic Association in Adult Weight Loss Management and earned my 200 hour certificate as a Yoga Instructor. I have worked with children at WIC and adults in long term care, the hospital, and in dialysis centers. My current passion is working with women throughout the different stages of life from teenagers through menopause.

My philosophy has evolved over many years and is now very simple…If you get your head right your weight will follow. I will repeat this many times as I blog but let me say it here and now to be 100% clear, a healthy weight is NOT ABOUT FOOD…it’s about your emotional connection to food.

What this Blog is About…

This blog is the culmination of many years of observing what and why people eat. The thought of many people is that weight loss and weight maintenance are as simple as eating less or eating healthier. Our relationship with food and the reasons why we eat are both deeply personal and deeply embedded within us. While health and maintaining weight may come easy for some, the majority struggle due to a myriad of reasons.   

Each of us has a history with food that with understanding can unlock the mystery of what food triggers each of us possess.  Weight loss, can be accomplished through making peace with the past, modifying our behavior, and beginning eat in a more conscious way. It’s not easy, but it is possible.

….And Not About

Dietitians know A LOT about food. I could tell you how much protein, carbs, fat and fiber to have daily. I could go on and on about the virtues of eating more fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts. I could even calculate the exact number of calories you need to reduce through eating less and/or exercising more to lose weight. But I won’t mainly because for many people that type of counseling and education does not work.

Hopefully my blog will give you some insight into the way a Dietitian thinks, exercises, cooks, and eats so that you too can discover how to live your best and most healthy life!


Kamara Viau, RD, RYT